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Alaska Constitution Party Chairman, J.R. Myers,Named To Local Government Board
J. R. Myers was unanimously approved to fill a vacancy in CES Seat B at the regular monthly meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Joint Operations Board for the Central Emergency Service Area Board of Directors in Soldotna. The CES Board oversees Fire & EMT services in the central Kenai Peninsula. He becomes the first member of the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) to serve in an official local government capacity in Alaska.
Myers has been a key leader in the effort to bring the the Constitution Party to Alaska.  In December, because of the efforts of the group led by Myers , the Constitution Party achieved official status in Alaska as a “recognized political group,” according to a letter from that state’s Elections Director, Gail Fenumiai.  The state will now monitor registrations secure for the Alaska Constitution Party in order to determine when the group has secure enough registrations to become a ballot qualified political party in Alaska.  Myers is the currently the acting chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party.
In 2004 and 2008 the Constitution Party Presidential ticket was placed on the ballot by the Alaska Independent Party.  That party had always made it clear, however, that it had no interest in affiliation with a national political party.  This year divisions with that party convinced Constitution Party supporters in Alaska that this was the time to strike out on their own and to work to organize and qualify the Constitution Party in “The Land of the Midnight Sun.”
Myers skillful political leadership and dedicated involvement in the affairs of his community set excellent examples for Constitution Party leaders across the nation. The Constitution Party’s Western States Co-Chairman, Bob Peck, who has played a key
role in coordinating with the Alaska group headed by Myers, observed, “We need to
have more of our people actually serving in such offices. I think one of the keys to long term success will be gaining credibility at the local level first by doing exactly what you are doing.”
Congratulations, J.R. Myers, and thank you for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the Constitution Party in the State of Alaska!

New Midwestern States Region Constitution Party Website Announced By Randy Stufflebeam
Attention: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio!

Visit: www.mw-cp.org Today!The Western region of the United States has generally been acknowledged to be the strongest region for the Constitution Party in the early years of its history.  Western state leaders, however, might be well advised to the the cautionary words of baseball immortal, Satchel Paige, who observed, “Don’t look back, something may be gaining on you.” In this case, that “something” is the Midwestern Region of the Constitution Party!

In recent years there has been substantial growth in the Constitution Party’s Midwestern States region under the leadership of that areas chairman, Randy Stufflebeam, of Illinois, and Co-Chairman, Scott Bartlett of South Dakota.  In recent months these two inspirational leaders have made great strides in uniting the efforts of the various Midwestern state Constitution Party affiliates through a series of monthly conference calls and this website.  It is believed that there is great advantage, particularly at this  stage in the party’s development, for various state leaders–especially those in a common geographical area–to work together and share experiences and practical lessons, for the benefit of the common good.

Randy Stufflebeam invites all Constitution Party members and supporters who live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana or Ohio are encouraged visit www.mw-cp.org and participate in the growth and development of the Constitution Party in America’s heartland!

(All others are encouraged to learn from the example set by the Midwestern States Region and implement similar projects in your own regions of the country!)


Recipient Of  Eternal Vigilance Award, Chelene Nightingale, Continues To Speak Out For Individual Freedom And Constitutional GovernmentIn California!

She describes herself as ” ‘just’ a homeschooling mom,” but in actuality Chelene Nightingale has become one of the most powerful speakers for the cause of freedom in America today!  Nightingale, who received a record 166,312 votes as the Constitution Party endorsed, American Independent candidate for Governor of California in 2010, won the hearts of those who love liberty from all across America during her heroic campaign.

Nightingale, unknown in California politics a few years ago,  attracted comparisons to Joan of Arc and The Beatles during the 2010 campaign.  Although, thankfully, she was not burned at the stake, as was the original Joan of Arc, her 166,000 votes were almost three times more than the 56,000 who attended the 1965 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in New York, conclusively proving, once and for all, that Chelene Nightingale is bigger than The Beatles!

All fun and kidding aside, Nightingale’s efforts for the Constitution Party in California earned her the “Bill and Eileen Shearer Eternal Vigilance Award” from the National Committee of the Constitution Party.  William K. (Bill) Shearer and his wife, Eileen were founders of the American Independent Party of California in 1967 and played similar roles in helping Howard Phillips to organize the US Taxpayers Party (later to change its name to the Constitution Party) in 1992.  Gary Odom, a member of the American Independent Party since 1971, noted that “Bill and Eileen Shearer would have been very proud of Chelene Nightingale.  She is exactly the type of person who they envisioned would help lead our country back to the original principles of freedom under which it was founded. It was the anticipation that leaders like her would appear that encouraged Bill and Eileen–and all of us–to preserve.  I only wish they were both here to meet her and offer their own appreciation for her efforts.”

Chelene will emcee the California Republic Freedom Jamboree on Saturday, January 29th.  The event includes musical entertainment and special guest speakers.  The event will begin promptly at 11:00 AM.  Chelene promises that those in attendance will leave with a solution to help restore our Republic!

The Freedom Jamboree will be hosted at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, (1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach, CA  92660) from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  The event is free. Just bring your liberty spirit!

Chelene Nightingale is a great voice for freedom in America and one of the true rising stars of the Constitution Party.  If you get a chance to hear her speak, do not miss it!!


Nevada Constitution Party Affiliate Set Record Going Back at least 90 Years

Janine Hansen speaking out for freedom issues in the early days of the Independent Amrican Party

On November 2, 2010, Janine Hansen, the Constitution (Independent American) Party nominee for Assembly, 33rd district, received 30.43% of the vote and outpolled her Democratic Party opponent. This was the first time since at least 1920 that a minor party nominee for Nevada state legislature had outpolled one of the major party nominees, and the first time that one had polled over 30% of the vote in a race with both major parties.

One could say that in recent years, two Libertarian nominees for the Nevada legislature came closer to victory. In 1992 Tamara Clark polled 44.38% for State Senate in a race in a two-party race; and in 2000 James Dan polled 45.27% for Assembly in a two-party race. But, as noted above, Hansen was running in a 3-party race.

The 33rd Assembly district includes Elko and Humboldt Counties in northeastern Nevada. Hansen has been a frequent candidate for public office in the last decade. She ran for U.S. House in 2002 and polled 3.60%; she ran again for the same office in 2004 and polled 3.65%. In 2006 she was the Constitution Party’s nominee for Secretary of State, and polled 7.03%. In all of these races, she had opponents from both major parties. In 2008 she ran for State Senate and polled 34.75% in a two-party race. She spent years as a lobbyist at the State Capitol, which has given her the experience and knowledge of state government to be a credible candidate.

The Constitution Party affiliate in Nevada is called the Independent American Party, which was founded in 1968 in Nevada. In 2010, it won four partisan county elections in Nevada. It was also strong in the 1970′s. In 1974, one of its legislative nominees, Duane Porter, carried Pershing County, but Pershing County was only part of that district (the 37th Assembly district), and when the Humboldt County part of the district votes were added in, Porter came in third in the district as a whole.

No minor party has elected anyone to the Nevada legislature since 1914, when the Socialist Party elected one State Senator and one member of the Assembly. [UPDATE: the Reno News & Review has this story, published January 13, about the party’s success in northeastern Nevada]


Bernie De Castro Elected New State Chairman of Florida’s Constitution Party!

Bernie De Castro

If Florida’s new Constitution Party State Chairman’s name has a familiar ring to it, it is certainly understandable.  Bernie De Castro, the Constitution Party’s inspirational and colorful nominee for US Senate in 2010 has been elected to serve as the Sunshine State affiliate’s new State Chairman.  De Castro, who travelled the length and breadth of Florida in his own US Senate campaign bus in 2010, bringing many new supporters and members to the Constitution Party, was the first person ever to qualify for US Senate in Florida on the Constitution Party ticket.

De Castro was elected at a general state meeting of the Constitution Party of Florida on Saturday, January 15.  He is an outstanding speaker with a gracious personality and energetic spirit.  The Constitution Party of Florida is expected to take a great leap in size, stature and effectivemess under the leadership of Bernie De Castro.
Bill Walen was elected State Vice-Chairman.  Jack Mclain was voted in as state secretary and Lois Mclain was re-elected to serveas state treasurer.  The McLains have been valued and beloved leaders in the Constitution Party for many years.  This administration provides a combination of vision, energy, stability, continuity and reliability, which portends well for the Constitution Party’s future in the State of Florida.
Peter Boyce’s Constitution Classes A Big Hit With Tea Party Activists In New Jersey!
Peter Boyce
Without a doubt, one of the most popular figures in the Constitution Party in recent years has been Peter Boyce, of New Jersey.  Boyce ran for Congress in 2008 and 2010 and is known not only as great proponent of Constitutional principles, but as a skilled poet and humorist.  You can always be sure that a presentation by Peter Boyce will be a lively affair!  Perhaps that is part of the reason that many people and especially “Tea Party” activists are flocking to classes on the Constitution. 87 registered for a class in Cumberland County.  In Gloucester, 32 pre-registered with many more expected to register at the door. In Salem, 28 are pre-registered so far.

Impressive!! If you would like information about attending one of Peter’s Constitution classes please contact him at:

Peter F. Boyce
Delmont Sawmill
4416 Route 47
Delmont, NJ 08314
cell 609-501-3351
While Chuck Baldwin Makes News In Montana…
Chuck Baldwin speaks during his Liberty Bell Meeting to a packed house at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell.

Former Constitution Party Presidential Candidate draws massive crowd to Outlaw Inn

Baldwin: ‘There’s a Fight Coming’

Read all about it at: www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/baldwin_theres_a_fight_coming/21438/Constitution Party News and Information particularly appreciated the parts where Chuck, “castigated the Republican Party for failing to overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortion during the six years when the White House and Congress were under GOP control..and, when asked if he was “anti-government” replied: “I am anti-oppressive, unconstitutional government.”

People are already speculating whether Chuck Baldwin will run for Governor of Montana.  We don’t know what Chuck will do, but we do know that these United States of America would be much better off if he had been elected President in 2008 and we definitley know that, with Chuck Baldiwn as its Governor, Montana would be a beacon of liberty that would give hope to freedom loving people all over the world!


Darrell Castle Is Making Sense in Tennessee!

Darrell Castle, Chuck Baldwin’s 2008 Vice-Presidential running mate and current national Constitution Party Vice-Chairman, writes a blog that all Constitutionalists are encouraged to read on a regular basis and which can be found on the Constitution Party of Tennessee’s state website: http://constitutionpartyoftennessee.com/blog/.

The following is a courageous column from Castle, increasingly referred to as the “conscience of the Constitution Party,” questioning the wisdom of America’s current policy of perpetual war:

January 5, 2011
“Several Warnings, Then a Soldier’s Lonely Death”

So read the headline in last Sunday’s New York Times. The story involves the death of one soldier, apparently by his own hand, after he had served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and after he had twice attempted suicide before being sent back to Afghanistan.

Why would the army send a soldier back into combat and its extreme stress who had twice attempted to take his own life? While in Afghanistan the young man apparently was deemed such a threat to himself that his personal combat weapon was taken from him. Why would the Army keep a soldier in combat who could not be entrusted with a weapon? Why would the army leave a soldier who could not be entrusted with a weapon as the roommate of a soldier who was fully armed?

His father would like answers to these questions, but no one in the U.S. Army seems to have the answers. I’m sure the Army regrets his death and appreciates his service since they buried him at Arlington with full honors.

What is the answer? Why is the suicide rate among the armed forces increasing at such an alarming rate? The military is trying to find the answer in special counseling sessions, rehab centers for when veterans return home, drug therapy for the depressed, and now a suicide prevention task force, but nothing seems to be working. I don’t have the answer either, but I do have some ideas.

Perhaps war itself is the problem. War is a destroyer of people and of nations. Maybe we should start thinking of our long wars in the Middle East as both personal suicide for those who serve and national suicide for the nation.

The USG has designated 43 areas of the world as combat zones. That is the highest number of combat zones since WWII. We can conclude then, that after all these years of fighting, we have more areas to fight in than any time since WWII. That is a very depressing statistic for me, but I can only imagine how depressing it must be for those who have to bear the burden.

The USG has become very good at creating enemies faster than the US military can kill them. I was told once by a marketing expert that everyone has 250 people who would go to his wedding or funeral. Perhaps each person killed by the USG around the world has 250 friends who are now enemies.

In that same front page section of the Times was a full page ad that read: “War Is Over If you Want It, Love and Peace from John and Yoko.” Regardless of what you may think of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the ad is exactly right. Our leaders are able to commit the nation to endless, senseless war that destroys the lives of people like the soldier mentioned earlier because we let them do it.

They will not tell us why they do it, only that it is “necessary.” That’s what the Commander in Chief gives us as an answer – “it’s necessary.” It’s time that we start demanding real answers from our leaders as to why our children have been committed to fighting a war that has gone on for 10 years with no end in sight. The Commander in Chief will not give us a definition of victory or even state that victory is something we are seeking. He only states that “it’s necessary.”

The leaders of the USG are responsible for this mass homicide, but there is another party that shares equal responsibility. We the people are now complicit in the crimes of our leaders. We still have some ability to influence policy through the electoral process, but instead of demanding an end to the madness, we send out an order for more of it. We the people share in the blood guilt of our leaders. I pray that we will rise up and put a stop to it. If we don’t may God forgive us.

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