Let’s Get Real!

Commentary from Rick Kiesz    www.palousepatriot.com

I will always vote NO on any school bond that appears on a ballot. There is no evidence that more money spent on “government” schools turns out a smarter student, but there are many schools that turn out smarter students with LESS money.

The problems that students and parents face in the government schools are too numerous to list. If you are a parent with Godly ideals or even a parent that just desires the best education for your children, how can you allow your children to be subjected to all the nonsense and academic mediocrity in government schools? The solution is to take ALL of your children out of government schools. There are numerous options for a better education, academically and morally, outside of the public school system.

Legislation has not worked to improve government schools and it will never work, unless the legislation outlaws all school-related labor unions. If that happened, there may be a sliver of hope for a better education, but still not better moral policies. As I have observed the education system for the past 50 years, it appears that the more we become engaged in the public education process, the more the schools move in the wrong direction, so why waste our time and energy? Put that time and energy into an alternative educational program for your children. Think how much more that might please God, rather than beating your head against the wall fighting the government school system. We need to admit that the “progressives” have more money and power (unions) and they will always stay a couple of steps ahead of us — to the ruination of our children. Jesus told us there would be times when it would be beneficial to shake off the dust and move on.

There is a simple, peaceful solution to the problem of public schools — get your kids out! My daughter and son-in-law were very active members of a large Baptist church, in fact, the pastor asked my son-in-law to present the sermon on many occasions. Then my daughter and son-in-law adopted two boys who were grade-school age. I suggested they send our new grandsons to a private school, but my daughter wanted to give the public school a chance. After a short time, my daughter called me and said, “Daddy, I need to pull the boys out of school, since I have to spend a couple of hours each afternoon de-programming them.” When the boys were pulled out of public school, my daughter and son-in-law were ostracized by “their” church. Could that have something to do with the pastor’s wife being a teacher in public school? My daughter’s family had no choice, but to leave the church, as everyone turned on them, like they were traitors. I have no doubt that is not the only church that defends government schools to that degree. 

For us Christians, there is a huge missing link. Pastors, with few exceptions, do not have the guts to tell their parishioners the truth about what our children are being exposed to in government schools. Churches will continue to become even more irrelevant until pastors grow a spine and preach, from the pulpit, the message Jesus gave us about the importance of children. Until parents can understand, and accept, the fact that their children are more important than their own personal convenience, it will only get worse.

We need to remind ourselves daily, that we do not answer to any labor union or political party or even our pastor, for what we do or how we vote. But, God may require an answer from us, especially when it pertains to the greatest earthly gift He gives us — our children.

Change, for the good, in public schools will never come from the federal government, our state government and probably very seldom even in our own local school district or school board, since they are all connected with financial bands that will not be broken. The only thoughtful solution is NOT to participate in government schools, other than to vote NO on school levies.

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