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Commentary from Rick Kiesz    www.palousepatriot.com

I will always vote NO on any school bond that appears on a ballot. There is no evidence that more money spent on “government” schools turns out a smarter student, but there are many schools that turn out smarter students with LESS money.

The problems that students and parents face in the government schools are too numerous to list. If you are a parent with Godly ideals or even a parent that just desires the best education for your children, how can you allow your children to be subjected to all the nonsense and academic mediocrity in government schools? The solution is to take ALL of your children out of government schools. There are numerous options for a better education, academically and morally, outside of the public school system.

Legislation has not worked to improve government schools and it will never work, unless the legislation outlaws all school-related labor unions. If that happened, there may be a sliver of hope for a better education, but still not better moral policies. As I have observed the education system for the past 50 years, it appears that the more we become engaged in the public education process, the more the schools move in the wrong direction, so why waste our time and energy? Put that time and energy into an alternative educational program for your children. Think how much more that might please God, rather than beating your head against the wall fighting the government school system. We need to admit that the “progressives” have more money and power (unions) and they will always stay a couple of steps ahead of us — to the ruination of our children. Jesus told us there would be times when it would be beneficial to shake off the dust and move on.

There is a simple, peaceful solution to the problem of public schools — get your kids out! My daughter and son-in-law were very active members of a large Baptist church, in fact, the pastor asked my son-in-law to present the sermon on many occasions. Then my daughter and son-in-law adopted two boys who were grade-school age. I suggested they send our new grandsons to a private school, but my daughter wanted to give the public school a chance. After a short time, my daughter called me and said, “Daddy, I need to pull the boys out of school, since I have to spend a couple of hours each afternoon de-programming them.” When the boys were pulled out of public school, my daughter and son-in-law were ostracized by “their” church. Could that have something to do with the pastor’s wife being a teacher in public school? My daughter’s family had no choice, but to leave the church, as everyone turned on them, like they were traitors. I have no doubt that is not the only church that defends government schools to that degree. 

For us Christians, there is a huge missing link. Pastors, with few exceptions, do not have the guts to tell their parishioners the truth about what our children are being exposed to in government schools. Churches will continue to become even more irrelevant until pastors grow a spine and preach, from the pulpit, the message Jesus gave us about the importance of children. Until parents can understand, and accept, the fact that their children are more important than their own personal convenience, it will only get worse.

We need to remind ourselves daily, that we do not answer to any labor union or political party or even our pastor, for what we do or how we vote. But, God may require an answer from us, especially when it pertains to the greatest earthly gift He gives us — our children.

Change, for the good, in public schools will never come from the federal government, our state government and probably very seldom even in our own local school district or school board, since they are all connected with financial bands that will not be broken. The only thoughtful solution is NOT to participate in government schools, other than to vote NO on school levies.


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Come to the National Committee Meeting!

Constitution Party Radio Ad

Find out more: The Constitution Party lands in Coeur d’Alene


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National News

11 May 2011


Facebook Article: A Valiant Effort Comes Up 275 Votes Short In Alabama

30 March 2011

Ballot Access News: Washington State Legislature Passes Bill to Force Pierce County to Use All-mail Voting

28 March 2011

Ballot Access News: Washington, California Ponder Elections for Political Party Office

21 March 2011

Texans Rally for Secession

Utah House Passes Bill Recognizing Gold and Silver as Legal

23 February 2011

Early Constitution Party Presidential Considerations for 2011

11 January 2011

Jenks Journal: Lawmaker Files Bills to Increase Ballot Access, Save Tax Dollars

Quote from article: “Thom Holmes, long-time member of the Constitution Party, requested that Rep. Key file HB 1057.  “Participating in the election process, both by voting and by having the opportunity to run for office as a candidate, are worldwide symbols of freedom and they should be encouraged, not discouraged in Oklahoma,” Holmes said. “One of the things that makes America great is the concept that competition yields a superior product. Competition in the political realm is greatly restricted in Oklahoma by the worst Ballot Access laws in the entire country.”

20 December 2010

Ballot Access News: Independent American Party Nominee for Eureka County Clerk  wins Card Drawing, Gets Another Term.

The Independent American Party is the Nevada affiliate of the Constitution Party.

18 November 2010

10 November 2010

Bilingual Weekly News: Opinion – David vs. Goliath…and the Constitution

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U.S. House of Representatives Reading the Constitution: We the People of the United States…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

 by Rick Kiesz, owner of the Palouse Patriot newsletter distributed in the Palouse region of the State of Washington.  He can be reached at: rick@palousepatriot.com.

When I heard that the Constitution was going to be read on the first day of the new 112th Congress, I was elated. I firmly believe complete and strict adherence to the Constitution is the only thing that will save these United States from total collapse. In reality, it should not have been necessary to read it,  because they had all sworn an oath to it the day before. But then, D.C. does like a good dog and pony show, so I figured “have at it.” 

Many of us thought, “Wow! This new Congress will really be different.”  Did you wonder why this was the first time EVER that the Constitution was read on the floor of the House? The reason they never read it, in over two centuries, prior to this year, is because it was “assumed” that politicians had read it prior to taking their oath OR even running for office. How easily we citizens fall for political chicanery — smoke and mirrors for our benefit.
New Speaker of the House, John Boehner, went to the podium and read the Preamble. Then, the former Speaker, Nancy “are you serious” Pelosi, an icon of all that is UN-Constitutional, started reading Article One. As she was reading, Boehner left the room. This was followed by a continuous parade of congressmen, coming to the podium and taking turns reading a section of our Country’s most important document. What struck me was how uncomfortable many looked as they read their part. A large number appeared to be reading something they had never heard before. Some even had strange looks on their faces as if to say, “is that really in there?”
I began thinking, starting with Boehner, many of these same guys originally voted for the “Fourth-Amendment- trashing” USA Patriot Act and nearly everything else they have done while in office has been UN-Constitutional. Maybe that is why the hall was virtually empty, except for those performing the reading “duties.” It was a charade as they paraded to and from the podium, then out the door. The only thing missing in their “parade” was the poop from horses. But, the place still had a foul odor.
The last straw was the fact that they didn’t read the “original” Constitution. They left out everything that had been amended. I think the main reason they left out certain parts in the original, is that they didn’t want to call attention to negro slaves only being counted as three-fifths of a person for the census. They probably thought that would be embarrassing, because none of them understand the reason why that was done. The Slave States wanted to count negroes in the general population, to give them more seats in Congress. The Northern Free States considered slaves as property and didn’t want them counted at all, which would decrease the Southern State’s power. Counting slaves as three-fifths of a person had nothing to do with “personhood.” It was simply a compromise between the North and the South concerning representation. 
I hoped the reading of the Constitution would at least be a symbolic act, but it turned out to be nothing more than a farce. Will our representatives ever learn that we can see right through them? Hopefully, the freshmen TEA Party guys and gals will find some gumption and stop these dog and pony shows in the future.
Why the infighting: The reason for all of the disagreement and the nasty political rhetoric is because our representatives are NOT UNITED around our Founding Documents. The Framers of the Constitution did all of the bickering and hurling of accusations while they wrestled with writing those documents. Since that has been done and approved, there should be no more fighting. We have the Law of the Land. The only laws Congress can make must agree with the Constitution, so why all the arguing? Interpretation is unnecessary, as the Constitution is brief and understandable by everyone. If there is some question on a fine point, the Framers wrote in detail what their thoughts and reasons were. A little research can settle all questions. After that, it is only a question of whether you want to obey the document or not. That is where the problem lies, politicians DO NOT want to obey it. 
 State vs. Federal: Our Federal representatives, in Washington D.C., have very little they can do, as compared to State legislators. The Federal Government is limited, as prescribed in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution. The States have a greater ability to make laws. (Read the 10th Amendment.) When your State legislator wants to run for an office in D.C., maybe you should instruct them that their power will be much more limited at the Federal level. There are very few in D.C. who understand that, so either they “get it” or we get rid of them. 
November’s election of grassroots Constitutionalists gave us hope. But, when the Old Guard entrenched Republicans couldn’t get Bush’s UN-Constitutional Patriot Act past the new Tea Party folks, they changed things up so they could teach the new guys what D.C. is all about. The day after the election, Speaker Boehner predicted he would do just that. Remember, Boehner is a leftover Bushie. The cabal between the RINOs and the Democrats is easy to understand. The Patriot Act was Bush’s deal, so the RINOs like it and the Dems prefer a police state, so they like it. The USA Patriot Act is a blatant insult to the Fourth Amendment, as well as law-abiding American citizens. The use of the word “Patriot” in that legislation is blasphemy! We are told the Patriot Act is to stop terrorism, when in fact IT IS domestic terrorism committed by the U.S. against her very own citizens. Constitution-loving citizen-Patriots need to get up to speed and resist this Nazi-like legislation at every possible opportunity. 
ALL Republicans must come to grips with the fact that Bush II was not restricted by the Constitution and furthermore, he  opened the door for everything Obama is doing. An “R” by a name can deceive. Pay close attention. Do not be fooled.
I urge you to seek TRUTH and follow it, wherever it may lead. I would rather die defending my God-given rights, guaranteed by our Constitution, than live under the oppression of UN-Constitutional government restrictions.  “Live free or die.”
The “take-away” should be that now is the time for everyone to determine what they will do when faced with UN-Constitutional rules and regulations. The Constitution is Liberty. Without it is Tyranny!                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Rick Kiesz

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Top Two Primary and other Ballot Issues

3 November 2010

Ballot Access News: Political Parties Gain Qualified Status in Some States; Lose it in Others  (In Washington State the Republicans and Democrats have actually lost ballot qualified status because of how the Top Two Law is written.)

31 October 2010

Ballot Access News: US District Court in Washington State Postpones Trial in Top  Two Lawsuit.

Newsweek: Dylan Ratigan’s Radical Reboot Idea (the None of the Above Option).

Free and Equal petition: Open Debates to All Ballot Qualified Candidates

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